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Utility Transformation and Energy Transition

Enabling Utility Transformation and Energy Transition for our global clients


The energy transition is complex, creating new challenges and requires bold interconnected thinking. In ESB International, we advise clients on the shaping of electricity markets and the management of network and generation assets and help guide them on the utility transformation journey. This is achieved through close collaboration with our clients to navigate technological, operational, financial, and environmental challenges to deliver resilient solutions.   

Utility strategic consultancy is in our DNA.  

For nearly 100 years, ESB has harnessed our capability and resources to bring electricity to communities in Ireland, helping to transform lives, enable social and economic progress and become a country with one of the highest standards of living in the world. Thanks to our world-class utility heritage, we have gained unique insights that have proven valuable to our global clients’ journeys and ambitions. Utilising these insights, combined with our five decades of international experience as a trusted consultancy partner, we enable our clients to build a lasting, resilient legacy.

Bringing our clients the best of both worlds with zero compromises.  

We help navigate policy, technology, and market challenges by acquiring a deep understanding of the issues our clients face and developing bespoke transformation strategies.  

As the world embraces low-carbon solutions, we have the expertise to guide our clients on that journey, and we are driven to make a difference.   
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Our Utility Heritage

As a utility sharing a journey of transition and transformation, we understand the global energy system challenges. This gives us firsthand experience of the stresses this puts on our operations and gives us unique insight into the engineering, financial, economic, regulatory, and strategic elements that underpin a successful delivery of transformation and transition strategies.

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We commit to our clients and stakeholders long-term, working closely and building the trust necessary to restore and transform utilities to financial and operational health. This is often necessary to enable the investment to extend services and build new assets. Our expertise and experience enable utility transformation and accelerate the energy transition process. 

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With utilities leading the energy transition, the unprecedented changes being undertaken are stretching resources and putting additional pressure on operational delivery.  ESB International is helping utilities globally to drive structural change, deliver business improvements and deploy global best practices to accelerate transition and the adoption of new ways of working. 

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Enabling Transition, Change and Innovation

We help our clients to implement market reform to tackle the future challenges that pivoting to a decarbonised energy system presents, including operating regimes, network configurations, and renewables' potential.  

Through close collaboration with our clients, we advise on the adoption of new technologies and on preparing for the increased penetration of renewable assets to existing energy grids. 

Utility Management & Transformation Case Studies

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Electricity Sector Transition & Strategic Advisory Case Studies

We have completed projects around the globe, and we are proud to share some of these success stories.

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Learn more about our world-class engineering expertise thanks to our 100 years of experience in Ireland and five decades globally. It's in our DNA.

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