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Spec​ialist Services

Specialist Services

We prioritise innovation in new technologies, investment in renewable resources and smart infrastructure. Emerging technologies are a key factor in the energy industry’s transformation, and ESB International is committed to adopting innovative approaches and technologies to support the transforming landscape of the energy industry.

Our goal is to ensure that we can provide a complete service offering to our clients, maximising ​our innovative generation capabilities across all our international markets.

Subsea Cable Repair

ESB International has a long history of subsea cable repair. From 2008 - 2013 we designed and managed the installation and commission of a 44 kilometre 132 kVA submarine cable from mainland Tanzania to Zanzibar island. A project that secured electricity supply to the island nation for another 15 years.

In 2020, ESB International embarked on the highly profiled Hawar Island Submarine Cable Project, a project that will utilise cutting edge subsea cable laying engineering and technology.

Our complete range of services cover all your subsea cable requirements.

  • Project Engineering
  • Feasibility studies
  • Environmental assessment
  • Construction management


Use of Drone Technology

Drone technology has revolutionised inspections on utilities with a sizeable amount of assets. Assets can include thousands of kilometres of power lines or hundreds of wind turbines. Regular review of assets is critical to ensure effectiveness, and inspections can be costly, dangerous and time-consuming. Traditionally, you would have technicians climb turbines to inspect the machines or power lines. With drone technology, a drone will fly around a wind turbine, for example, and analyse the images through artificial intelligence. This generates accurate reports to improve the efficiency of the asset.

Drone Technology

Use of drone technology

Together with our clients, we can recommend the best use of drone technology, and the benefits include;

  • Inspection time can be reduced by 30 per cent
  • Project progress tracking
  • Minimize risk of outages
  • Health & Safety

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FlexGen and Hybrid

ESB International is actively developing flexible generation and thermal/renewable hybrid projects to support grid requirements. This solution allows you to combine renewables with thermal generation and battery storage, enhancing grid efficiency and creating a reliable energy supply.

The vast benefits to this specialist service include;

  • Reduce Operations and Maintenance (O&M) costs
  • Produce clean energy
  • Create reliable energy supply from solar, wind, hydro
  • Enhance grid efficiency

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Asset Management Services

Asset Management Services (AMS) group provides a comprehensive range of engineering and management services to our clients worldwide. We cater to the unique needs of ageing power plants and carry out technical and safety audits and the provision of organisational structure and staffing solutions. Furthermore, we carry out comprehensive training of maintenance staff and the provision of maintenance documentation.

Specialist services AMS

Asset Management Services

These services adopt the most up to date technologies and systems complementing years of practical hands-on experience, including;

  • Development of maintenance policies and procedures
  • Condition based assessment of overhead lines and substation equipment
  • Commissioning of substation primary plant and associated protection systems
  • Maintenance management of HVDC systems

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Electric Vehicles

ESB ecars was established in 2010 to roll out the public charging infrastructure for electric vehicles across Ireland and support the introduction and demand for electric vehicles nationally.

ESB operates and maintains charge points across Ireland and in the UK. These are available for all electric vehicles and are found nationwide on-street, in shopping centres, and vehicle parks.

We can see the huge benefits of building a sustainable future for our cities - if you can too get in touch.

  • Reduce fossil fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Contribute to achieving low-carbon targets
  • Electricity can be a renewable resource unlike fossil fuels
  • Improved air quality can lead to health benefits

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energy storage batteries

Energy Storage

Energy storage can absorb surplus renewable generation when energy exceeds demand and releases it when renewable generation output is low. Its purpose is to reduce the imbalances between energy demand and production.

Energy storage is anticipated for growth every year in the 2020s, with capacity set to grow by almost a third worldwide year on year reaching 741 gigawatt-hours by 2030.

There are several types of Energy Storage ESB International can advise on including;

  • Pumped storage
  • Battery storage
  • Thermal storage

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Smart Energy Services

ESB's Smart Energy Services helps large customers to lower their carbon footprint, improving energy efficiency while deliver savings on their energy costs. The transition to a green economy is a certainty. Together, we can make the transition easy, with tangible benefits for your organisation.

The services we offer include:

  • Energy Audits
  • Design
  • Project management & health and safety
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • System optimisation
  • Ongoing consultation

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As a Leading Global Engineering Consultancy, we offer a full range of solutions empowering our clients to deliver energy for generations to come.

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We offer a comprehensive range of solutions for both public and private clients, right through the life cycle of their projects and the energy value chain.

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