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Utility to Utility

Transforming companies into modern and efficient utilities

ESB International has a deep-rooted utility background which gives us a unique and practical insight into the commercial, environmental and operational challenges facing power asset owners and investors. We work closely with power industry clients worldwide to deliver reliable, secure, and efficient utility services.

Many of our clients have been with us for several decades which is proof of the strong trust relationships that we build.

Specialist Utility Consultancy Services

Our recommendations transform companies into modern and efficient utilities. Our consultancy services include strategic, technical, engineering and financial advice.

What makes us unique

A considerable part of our international success is our expert team, all with a power utility background.

  • Generation, transmission & distribution utilities
    We understand the challenges that face utilities because we’re part of one.
  • Change management
    We transform utility business models through reforms, unbundling, and energy sector improvements.
  • Utility efficiency strengthening
    Enhance organizational performance through planning, business efficiency, and systems audits.
  • Knowledge transfer
    We think international but act local, transferring skills through training and capacity building.
  • Financial and economic analysis
    We provide financial and economic advice to build financially sustainable utilities.

Our Solutions

As a Leading Global Engineering Consultancy, we offer a full range of solutions empowering our clients to deliver energy for generations to come.

What we do

We offer a comprehensive range of solutions for both public and private clients, right through the life cycle of their projects and the energy value chain.

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