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Low Carbon Solutions

Leading the way to a Brighter Future

Technology can transform the world's energy systems, providing opportunities to harness natural resources such as solar, wind, and water to collectively create a clean electricity mix.

We utilise our extensive renewables experience, talent, and capabilities to support our clients on their energy transition to a reliable, affordable, and sustainable Brighter Future.

Wind Energy

From our first 5MW wind farm in Ireland in 1998, ESB have developed an onshore wind asset portfolio that has the capacity to supply almost 1GW of green energy to the homes and businesses throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom. In addition, we are committed to the continued development of our offshore wind portfolio.

wind turbines

Wind Services

ESB International offer a full spectrum of wind services including: 

  • Design
  • Project management & health and safety
  • Grid connections and electrical balance of system
  • Strategic services
  • Asset management

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Solar Energy

By 2030, solar energy is expected to power 13% of the world. Solar energy is a key part of ESB International Brighter Future strategy which seeks to shift electricity generation away from fossil fuels by developing renewable projects of scale, and in doing so, lead the transition to a low carbon energy future based on clean, reliable and affordable electricity.




solar panels

Solar Consultancy Services

ESB International offer a full spectrum of solar consultancy services including:

  • Design
  • Project management & health and safety
  • Grid connections and electrical balance of system
  • Strategic services
  • Asset management
  • Health and Safety

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Hydro Energy

Hydro Energy accounts for almost 20% of the total global electricity production. It is a clean energy source, and other benefits include water supply, flood control, and irrigation. ESB has a proud tradition in sustainable generation. Our first hydro generating station in 1927 was at Ardnacrusha on the River Shannon, Ireland, and now we operate ten across Ireland and the UK.



hydro energy plant

Global Hydro Services

ESB International utilises our hydro expertise for clients globally and provide services including: 

  • Project management
  • Design
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Grid connections
  • Asset Management
  • Health and Safety

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Smart Energy Services

ESB's Smart Energy Services helps large energy users to lower their carbon footprint, improving energy efficiency while delivering savings on their energy costs. The transition to a green economy is a certainty. Together, we can make the transition easy, with tangible benefits for your organisation. 

energy plant servers monitors

Smart Energy Services

The services we offer include:                                                             

  • Energy Audits
  • Design
  • Project management & health and safety
  • Engineering
  • Construction 

System optimisation

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Electric Vehicles

ESB ecars was established in 2010 to roll out the public charging infrastructure for electric vehicles across Ireland and support the introduction and demand for electric vehicles nationally.

ESB operates and maintains charge points across Ireland and in the UK. These are available for all electric vehicles and are found nationwide on-street, in shopping centres, and vehicle parks.

electric vehicle charging

Electric Vehicle Services

There are many benefits to building a sustainable EV Network: 

  • Reduce fossil fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Contribute to achieving low-carbon targets
  • Electricity can be a renewable resource unlike fossil fuels
  • Improved air quality can lead to health benefits

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Energy Storage

Energy storage can absorb surplus renewable generation when energy exceeds demand and releases it when renewable generation output is low. Its purpose is to reduce the imbalances between energy demand and production. Energy storage is anticipated for growth every year in the 2020s, with capacity set to grow by almost a third worldwide year on year reaching 741 gigawatt-hours by 2030.

energy storage batteries

Energy Storage Services

There are several types of Energy Storage ESB International can advise on including;

  • Pumped storage
  • Battery storage
  • Thermal storage

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heat pump

Heat pumps

Heat pumps combine heating, hot water, and cooling and can reduce energy consumption by upwards of 80%.

Other benefits include:

  • Increased efficiency even in demanding environments.
  • Reliable energy with minimal maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safer than traditional systems
  • Straightforward to install

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