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Our focus in Africa 

ESB International has provided engineering consultancy in Africa since the late 1990s in a market that was typified by an underdeveloped power infrastructure and an often-unreliable supply. Our goal is to help our clients minimise project risks and optimise their power assets' for the region's benefit and improve operations and financial strength.

We enable countries to modernise, develop, plan, and transform their energy markets.

Having completed over 80 projects in Africa to date, across various electricity supply chain sectors, we are currently managing the Liberian Electricity Corporation (LEC) and managed the company through the Covid pandemic outbreak.

Key to our success has been our deep-rooted utility background and our fully-integrated structure which gives us a comprehensive and unique understanding of all aspects of the energy sector.

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We have completed projects in over 120 countries around the globe and we are proud to share some of these success stories.

Our Solutions

As a Leading Global Engineering Consultancy, we offer a full range of solutions empowering our clients to deliver energy for generations to come.

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