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ESB International Management Visit to Liberia May 2022

ESB International Management Visit to Liberia May 2022 

ESB International's Managing Director Sean Atkinson and Operations Manager Seamus Fitzgerald travelled to Liberia last week to meet with the region's key leaders and stakeholders while overseeing the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) project efforts.

The Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) has been operated by an ESB International Management Services Contract team managed by LEC CEO Paschal Buckley for the last four and a half years. Since 2018, the number of people in Liberia with access to mains electricity has increased from 140,000 to over one million in 2022.

The team is nearing the end of its contract after two successful extensions, and after the lifting of travel restrictions, this was a timely visit for ESB International.  

During the visit, the ESB International management team successfully: 

  • Reviewed the MSC team's progress to understand the challenges faced and solutions delivered. The team attended the LEC Board meeting and visited sites and local communities serviced by LEC electricity. 

  • Recognised and acknowledged the MSC team for its commitment and resilience in delivering infrastructure to the region.   

  • Engaged with and acknowledged the support of key energy sector stakeholders from domestic and international organisations to build on the MSC team's robust relationships.

The ESB International team was honoured to meet with the region's energy stakeholders and diplomatic leaders, including: 

  • Minister of Mines and Energy, Honourable Gesler E Murray 

  • Chairman of the LEC Board, Honourable Monie R. Captan 

  • HE Claire Buckley, Irish Ambassador to Liberia and Sierra Leone 

  • HE Michael McCarthy, US Ambassador to Liberia

  • HE Laurent Delahouse, EU Ambassador to Liberia

  • HE Jakob Haselhuber, German Ambassador to Liberia 




Meetings with Stakeholders

Her Excellency, Claire Buckley Irish Ambassador to Sierra Leone and Liberia with Paschal Buckley CEO LEC

L-R Billy Richardson LEC, Prish Govender LEC, Simon McCormack Embassy of Ireland, Muntungwa Mugala LEC, Kate O’Donnell Irish Charge d’Affaire, Paschal Buckley CEO LEC, HE Claire Buckley Irish Ambassador, Seamus Fitzgerald ESB International, Sam Zimbe LEC, Philip Jacques LEC   

His Excellency, Michael McCarthy, US Ambassador to Liberia with L-R Paschal Buckley CEO LEC, HE Ambassador Michael McCarthy US Ambassador to Liberia,  Sean Atkinson ESB International and Seamus Fitzgerald ESB International.  



His Excellency, Michael McCarthy, US Ambassador to Liberia with L-R Philip Jacques LEC, Billy Richardson LEC, Seamus Fitzgerald ESB International, Muntungwa Mugala LEC, John Pasch USAid, Sam Zimbe LEC, Sarah Zimbe, Sean Atkinson ESB International, HE. Michael McCarthy US Ambassador to Liberia, Rebekeh Eubank USAid, Noel Walsh LEC, Paschal Buckley CEO LEC, Michael Sheehan LEC, Steve Thompson LEC, Prish Govender LEC. 

Seamus Fitzgerald ESB International making a presentation of a cut glass cooling tower to Hon. Monie R. Captan, Chairman of the Board of LEC. 

L-R Hon. Charles Bright, Mem. Jacob Fayad, Reverend Samuel Reeves (President Elect Liberia Council of Churches),Mem. Victoria Tewh, Hon Gesler E. Murray Minister of Mines & Energy, Hon. Monie R. Captan Chairman of the Board, Seamus Fitzgerald ESB International, Hon. Frank Musah Dean Jr. Minister of Justice, Paschal Buckley CEO & Board Secretary, Hon. Samuel D. Tweah Minister of Finance & Development Planning.

Missing from photo: Bishop Josiah Pah and Hon. Dave Koomey 

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