The Development of Sustainable Energy in Oman

The journey to a low-carbon future

Over the last two decades Oman has undergone an amazing journey with sustainably at the core of government policies. The challenges associated with Oman’s diversification and low carbon future strategies have many similarities with Ireland’s past, current and future journey and ESB’s Brighter Future Strategy.

Some of the key milestones in Oman’s Sustainability Journey are as follows:

Project Key Action Policy Future Project
The Development of sustainable energy
1996 manah power first build own operate plant with 90 mw output
2002 Nama holding formed 99.99% of shares in ehc and eight subsidiary companies are helped by the government
2017 cost reflection tariffs crt tariffs on electricity are introduced for government commercial and industrial customers whose consumption exceeds 150 mwh year encouraging energy efficiency
2018 2040 oman vision Plan launched to balance use of natural resources and help diversification from fossil fuels leading to a secure energy future
2018 escos plan launched to reduce electricity consumption in the oman government sector auditing and retrofitting 70% of government building failing under crts by 2023
2019 IBRI & SOHAR IPPS 3.2gws high efficiency power plants open supporting omans low carbon future with firm generation
2019 aer sales of power consultation planning for direct purchase and sale of power outside of the single purchase opwp to facilitate renewable development
2019 north south interconnection a strategic national initiative is launched to connect the nations two main electricity grid.
2019 execution phase for ibri 500mw solar ipp commences
2019 name electricity sector decentralisation. The first of 5 nama holding subsidiaries undergoes semi-privatisation.
2019-2020 harweel wind farm first utility connection wind farm in me region comprising 13 wind turbines with an output of 3.8mw each.
2020 ibri & sohar ipps 3.2gws f-class high efficiency power plants opens, supporting omans low carbon future with firm generation.
2020 amin solar pv the first utility scale 105 mw solar scheme located at amin offsetting 220000 tonnes co2 per year.
2020 liberalisation of electricity market electricity spot price market execution phase trials
2023 barka waste to energy ipp plans for up to 140 mv of energy supplied are through waste plants.
2024 wind ipps a total of 300mw of wind installation capacity.
2025 future utility scale solar pv Over 2000mw of solar capacity
2021-2025 demand response increasing demand response from 30mw to 100 mw
2021-2015 omans low carbon journey targeting 10% of electricity generated from renewable by 2025 and 30% by 2030

ESB International has leveraged the experience gained from the our Brighter Future Strategy which is proving invaluable in Oman’s drive towards the de-carbonisation of the energy value chain.

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