Specialist Services

Spec​ialist Services

We place a high priority on innovation in new technologies, investment in renewable resources and smart infrastructure. Our goal is to ensure that we can provide a complete service offering to our clients maximising ​our innovative generation capabilities across all our international markets. Innovation and emerging technologies are a key factor in the energy industry’s transformation and ESB International are committed to adopting innovative approaches and technologies support the transforming landscape of the energy industry.

The world’s first undersea cable repair between Northern Ireland and Scotland was implemented on the Moyle Interconnector in 2014, by a team from ESB International and Mutual Energy. The undersea cable repair was carried out using innovative new technology using a habitat lowered to the sea bed, in which any cable can be fixed in situ on the sea floor.
In 2016 ESB International repaired ​another undersea cable fault located about 2km off the coast of Inis Mór, Ireland, restoring mains electricity supply to Inis Meáin and Inis Oírr using this world-first in-house technology.
A 26-strong project team ​were based on Inis Mór for seven weeks. The cable was energised from Inis Mór on Friday, and an intense period of rigorous testing followed over the weekend.

Subsea Cable Repair 2016

The transport landscape is changing beyond recognition. Ireland currently has one of the most advanced electric vehicles (EVs) charging networks in Europe with over 1,200 standard and fast charge points across the island of Ireland. ESB ecars was established in 2010 by ESB to roll out the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles across Ireland and to support the introduction and demand for electric vehicles nationally.
ecars is now one of the largest charge point networks in Europe and enables electric vehicle (EV) drivers to travel the entire country. ecars plays an ongoing leadership role on Eurelectric’s Task Force on Electromobility; is a global pioneer in the development of a worldwide standard Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) as well as having been involved in several major European electromobility projects including TEN-T, Green eMotion, Mobi.Europe & RCN (Rapid Charge Network) UK.

ESB is pioneering new ways to engage with electricity customers. We share our knowledge of new energy and communications technologies to improve and widen the services ESB offers. The impact on customers of the changes in the energy and telecoms sectors will continue to be an area of focus.
ESB is working with the Dublin Airport Authority (daa) to help them achieve energy savings of 33% at Dublin Airport. To achieve this, new energy services and low carbon energy technologies like electric transport, solar PV and geothermal are being used. This joint innovation agreement will spearhead Dublin Airport's aim of becoming an International Energy Airport exemplar by 2020.

Creating an International Energy Exemplar Airport Complex

Use of Drone Technology

Carrington CCGT Plant by Drone