Our Markets Mid East

ESB International is registered in Oman since 2013. Oman, as with many Middle Eastern countries, is undergoing significant change in the energy value chain, with sustainability and diversification from fossil fuels at the heart of government policies. 

Oman policy makers are leaders in the region and among the first to implement Independent Power Producers (IPP’s), De-Centralisation and a Spot Price Market. ESB International are currently embedded in the fabric of this diversification on a range of consultancy services ranging from technical advisory to strategic advisory across the full energy value chain from generation to transmission. 

We are also involved in leading edge consultancy projects related to behind the meter generation and smart energy services. Consumer awareness of their energy consumption profiles and techno/commercial aspects of their energy management is key to Oman’s goals for decarbonisation and will greatly benefit the current subsidisation of electricity. 

Oman is an important part of ESB Internationals Middle East Growth Strategy, sharing lessons learned related to the ESB Brighter Future Strategy is invaluable in a region where there is a significant and definite drive towards the de-carbonisation of the energy value chain. 

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