Our Markets Mid East

ESB International has made significant inroads in the Middle East over the last 44 years. Key to this success is our deep-rooted utility background, which is a unique advantage over other engineering consultancies. Not only do we have practical experience of the energy sector, we also see things from a utility perspective, which improves the service we can deliver to clients.  

Our first office in the Middle East was opened in 1976, in the Kingdom of Bahrain. In 2016, ESB International celebrated 40 years in business in Bahrain, which shows our commitment to continuing partnerships in the Middle East.  

ESB International has also been making steady progress in other parts of the Middle East, which has helped to showcase ESB International’s expertise in power generation services in the region including owner’s engineer and technical advisory services. We are actively pursuing O&M opportunities to bring this competency and skill set to the region. 

Having completed over 100 projects, spanning 44 years within various sectors of the electricity supply chain, we are extremely proud of our past experience in the Middle East and look forward confidently to even further successes in this market. 

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Alba Project in Bahrain