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Powering Ahead in the UK in 2021

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Cameron Welsh,
Business Development Manager, UK

January always seems like a month of renewal as we make plans for the year ahead. Perhaps here in the UK that resonates more this year with a post-Brexit EU relationship being forged and the hope that new vaccinations can bring to an end the damage that Covid 19 has wrought on so many lives and livelihoods in 2020.

I am enthused by the critical role the utility is playing in building the infrastructure to power a low carbon future for us all.

With many challenges being faced by communities and businesses across the globe, it’s easy to lose sight of the climate challenges that still face us all and the urgent action that needs to be undertaken as we emerge from this difficult period. The speed of transformation is challenging yet not insurmountable with continued focus and commitment to implement the plans that countries around the world have begun formulating. I am enthused by the critical role the utility sector is playing in building the infrastructure to power a low carbon future for us all.

UK Expansion

In 2021 ESB International will be expanding our activities within the UK providing strategic advice, executive management support, project management, engineering expertise and utility solutions to governments, utilities, private developers and other key stakeholders in the energy/power sector.

Operating within the UK isn’t new of course, ESB has been supporting Britain’s transition to a low carbon future for over 25 years by investing in flexible and renewable generation assets, including the UK’s most efficient thermal power plant at Carrington as well as valued inputs into the wind, electric vehicle and biomass infrastructure.

Low Carbon Goals

In December 2020, the UK Government announced ambitious plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 68% of 1990 levels by 2030 and accelerate the transition to renewable energy with a 10-point plan to fuel a green industrial revolution. This was a significant step forward for the UK who have demonstrated strong leadership amongst the world’s advanced economies in tackling Climate Change by enshrining their emissions reduction targets in UK law.

However, achieving these goals will require significant levels of innovation, investment and transformation in the energy system to accommodate the increased levels of renewable generation and low carbon technologies that will power our future.

Achieving change on this scale will require greater levels of collaboration between network operators, utilities, developers and investors working with partners with the necessary expertise and commitment to drive forward projects to a successful conclusion. ESB International has a proven track record in international utility management projects. Our integrated solutions are underpinned by a comprehensive range of services that are delivered by a multi-disciplinary team of engineering, regulatory and commercial specialists, all with a power utility background.

Network Transformation Expertise

As a leading global engineering consultancy, ESB International has helped many of our international clients, in over 120 countries around the world, implement dependable and efficient energy systems to transform the economies that they operate within and improve the lives of the societies that they serve.

Energy systems are undergoing significant structural changes to adapt to greater penetration of renewable generation and changing energy needs.

ESB International brings our experience of working over many decades in Ireland and around the world, designing, operating and maintaining transmission and distribution systems having overcome many strategic challenges that affect millions of people. Working in partnership with UK network operators and asset owners we look forward to sharing experiences and innovation as we build systems together for a more sustainable future.

Our Sustainability Promise

ESB International places sustainability at the heart of our business, operating to the highest standards in terms of our impact on and care of the environment. We have a strong record in environmental responsibility, from waste recycling and the provision of environmental engineering services, right through to ISO certification of the environmental management systems in our power plants and we continue to improve our performance on environmental management.

We look forward to the year ahead and engaging with clients old and new to build the low carbon future we are passionate about.

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