ESB International’s Bahrain Office Celebrates Long Service Awards

In January 2017, staff from ESB International’s Bahrain Office celebrated their long-service awards.  John Connolly, Manager, Networks Engineering, ESB International and Tom Ralph , Bahrain Resident Manager, ESB International presented certificates of service to each of the 20 local staff who were celebrating periods of 5 years, 10 years and 20 years.

Staff receiving awards include:

20 Years – Akhtar Malik
10 Years – Layla Gloria, K.V. Retnaswamy, Noor Ahmed, Madelyn Palacios, S. Dileep Kumar, Ameen Habib, D.E. Pawar
5 Years – R. Nithivanan, Adrian Prins, Patrick Vaz, Ali Hussain, Ankush More, Abbas Lutf, Eugene Carrera, Vincent Ouseph, Hussain Haji, Ittoop Daiju, Sherif Bakr, Ali Naser, Ma Thea, Rajendrakumar, Gias Udin

Ollie Brogan, Managing Director, ESB International would like to extended his appreciation to all staff for their commitment and hard work they have given to the business throughout the years.

Photograph 1:  Group shot of staff at ESB International’s Bahrain Office