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Management Services Contract in Liberia

The Project

In 2018, ESB International entered a management services contract (MSC) with the Board of the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC). 

Following two civil wars and the Ebola crisis, Liberia’s state utility started to rebuild its entire generating and network capacity. LEC was heavily reliant on donor funding and was experiencing excessively high commercial losses. The state brought in ESB International to manage their transition into a functioning utility.


Our Approach

  • The Challenge
    Increase capabilities of local staff and customer base. Improve the safe use, quality and reliability of electricity supply and customer service  
  • The Solution
    Executive and fiduciary control of the LEC with 13 staff based locally full time. Controlling all areas of the utility from C-level, Major Projects, Planning, T&D and Commercial Operations, the management of HR, and Revenue Protection.
  • What we delivered
    Oversaw all donor funded projects, including the operation of Mt Coffee HPP and the new Cote D’Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea (CLSG) interconnector. Training and development of local staff of all levels.

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The Results

  • Increased revenue growth and collection efficiency 
  • Reduced commercial losses in a challenging environment
  • Improved customer services through training and establishment of new customer services centres 
  • 5-year LEC turn around business plan with Donor funded backing

What we do

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