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400 kV Transmission Development of Ras Legrain

The Project

The Electricity and Water Authority's (EWA) mission is to provide reliable and quality electricity and water supply for the sustainable development of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The Ras Legrain Transmission Development Project connected electricity customers with modern and efficient power generation from the Al Dur phase two independent water and power project (IWPP).

Our Approach

  • The Challenge
    The connection and transmission of new electricity generation to the Bahrain national grid.
  • The Solution 
    Constructing a 400 kV 25 Bay GIS switching station and over 80 kilometres of 400 kV underground electric power feeders.
  • What we delivered 
    400 kV GIS and Power Cable system – with enhanced end user features including remote control capability from a centralised system control centre and online condition monitoring systems.  

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The Results

  • 400 kV grid substation connection for the new 1500 MW power plant
  • 80 kilometres of 400 kV feeder installed in challenging routes including the Bahrain oil field 
  • Phased commissioning of the substation to meet a demanding schedule
  • More than 3 million manhours worked without a lost time incident


ESB International has made history recently with the energisation of Ras Legrain 400 kV Grid Substation. A fantastic achievement and one delivered on time due to the long and successful experience of the ESB International staff in Bahrain that spans many projects at all voltage levels. Knowledge and expertise solidify our relationship with EWA and once again proves that their trust in us is consistently justified. This project's delivery with a very ambitious target of 14 months, including several challenging 20 kilometre long 400 kV cable routes, is a significant success and well done to all.
Sean Atkinson, Managing Director, ESB International

The Details

The ESB International team based in Bahrain at short notice mobilised an experienced team for immediate and rapid action on constructing the 400 kV substation and cable installation. 

ESB International planners and designers used their extensive knowledge of the electric transmission and distribution system and other utilities to formulate viable cable routes quickly.

We secured cable route planning, permissions, and construction wayleaves to accelerate the cable installation task through careful consideration and intense stakeholder engagement. 

Meticulous planning and continual review coupled with rigorous engagement with the numerous contractors working on the project enabled efficient resolution to the project's plan and engineering challenges.


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