Personal Development

Ongoing Personal Development

"Your  learning experience begins the first day you walk through the door, and continues throughout your career”.

Whatever your chosen career path, ESB International is there to support you every step of the way.

Whether you're a recent graduate just beginning your career, a senior consultant looking for new and exciting opportunities, our learning and development programmes provide you and your manager with the tools you need to progress in your career at ESB International and help you achieve both your individual and business goals.

ESB International's ​learning & ​development solutions include an extensive catalogue of seminars, courses, sponsored programs and in-house, on the job training sessions across a variety of disciplines to help you expand your knowledge and develop new and valuable skills.

ESB International offers an abundance of resources and opportunities to help you improve your skills and competencies. Outside of formal training courses, we offer additional learning initiatives such as: work shadowing, attending conferences and workshops, job rotation, site visits and research opportunities.

Work Life Balance

Balancing career, family and other commitments can be challenging for many of us at different times of our lives. At ESB International we are committed to providing support for you in balancing your family and career commitments.

Health & Wellbeing

We care about your safety, your health and wellbeing. We want all our employees to succeed at work and at the same time enjoy a satisfying work-life balance.

Sports & Social

To create the perfect Work Life Balance, ESB International has plenty of opportunities for Sports & Social, both on a
casual and organised basis.

Check out our Social Cycle Video Below

Check out our Social Cycle Event Video