ESB International is committed to education in the community in all our markets

ESB International is committed to education in the community. As well as participating in ad-hoc school visits throughout the year and facilitating tours to our sites, we also run a number of educational initiatives aimed at increasing awareness of engineering and the environment, across all our markets.

This week-long education programme gives groups of female students an opportunity to see what life is like for women working as engineers, particularly in ESB International.

The programme aims to encourage female students to consider engineering as an option for their future careers. Over time, the programme has proven to play a vital role in helping female students decide to study engineering at third level.

As part of the "ESB STEPS" to Engineering Programme, a team of engineers from ESB International visited three local ​community ​schools in Firhouse, Killinarden & Leixlip to talk to students about their own personal career journey in engineering. This programme works with schools around the country to help encourage students who are post Junior Cert and considering Engineering as a career choice.

Electric Aid support an Irish aid agency called Self Help Development International.
Electric Aid is ESB's staff social justice fund, which has been supporting development projects in Ireland and across the world since 1987.
Over 3,000 ESB staff and ex-staff are contributing members to Electric Aid, whose primary focus is on long-term and sustainable development projects in the developing world.

Corporate Social Responsibility Africa
ESB's Teshie School Project enhanced the lives of thousands of African children through the complete refurbishment of the Teshie Primary School in Accra, the capital of Ghana.
The school was transformed from run-down, partially covered classrooms with no electricity, running water or toilet facilities to a modern school complex, completely refurbished with full electrical installation in all classrooms, a state-of-the-art computer room complete with air conditioning, broadband and work stations, and a full suite of educational and business software. Fifty teachers were IT-trained, ensuring enhanced possibilities for thousands of children.
This project directly benefits over 3,000 students each year, but also has an incalculable long-term positive impact on the entire community of Teshie.

Corporate Social Responsibilty Asia
ESB International at Rousch Power Plant in Pakistan, along with its local partner, Descon Power Solutions, and the Rousch owner, RPPL, sponsored a one-day ‘Free Eye Clinic’ in the town of Abdul Hakim in May 2016. The response from the local community was overwhelming, and the team of Rousch volunteers coped well with the high demand. Dr Tirmizi and his team who were running the clinic on the day, conducted 530 eye examinations and referred 75 patients for corrective surgery at the one-day ‘Free Eye Clinic’.
Paul Greenwood, Rousch Plant Manager, ESB International and Shane Macken, Deputy Plant Manager, ESB International attended the event and thanked the volunteers for their time and kindness.  Assurance was also given to the patients by ensuring that all costs of follow-up surgery, medicines and transport would be covered by the Rousch sponsors. Paul Greenwood said “It’s remarkable that so many people benefit from this annual community support event”. Dr Tirmizi, who also provided his services free of charge, thanked ESB International and said that he was delighted to be able to save the sight of so many patients.

​Donation to Cesme Primary School in Ankara district on St. Patrick’s Day in 2012.
Hakan Karaalioglu, ESB International’s Country Manager presented a  donation to CESME Primary School (Cesme Ilk Ogretım Okulu) which is in an undeveloped region of Ankara. The money ​went towards a new extension to the school.

SA Gaels
ESB International have been sponsoring the S.A Gaels since 2014. To celebrate th​eir participation in the World Games 2016, taking place in Dublin, on Monday 8th August, the Gaels made a visit to ESB International’s Head Office in Stephens Court for a breakfast reception. The event was a great success and staff got to meet the players and coaching staff of the Gaels. From there, they went to the top of Grafton Street for a photo shoot and also performed another of their traditional songs and dance. During their performance they were also joined by the South African Ambassador in Ireland, His Excellency Ahlangene Cyprian Sigcau, who was delighted to join in the festivities, which drew quite the crowd.

The GAA World Games kicked off for the Gaels on Tuesday 9th August with the first match kicking off against New York. The week was a great success with both the men and women performing admirably. The women team lost in the final of the plate, while the men’s team narrowly lost out to Oman in the final of the shield, losing by a single point in extra time.

It is great for ESB International to be involved with the SA Gaels, which has so many connections with many employees at ESB International. It provides us with great coverage not only in Ireland, but South Africa also where we have completed many projects over a number of years, and want to continue our relationship within the region for many years to come.